Andrews: Two Decades of No Progress

Poverty in Camden County continues to increase, according to a recent article by Philly.com.  For two decades, Congressman Rob Andrews has represented South Jersey. What do we have to show for that representation?

I think Andrews is too focused on playing Washington political games, maintaining the support of special interests, raising enormous amounts of campaign funds despite having unparalleled name familiarity, and taking credit for anything that goes right in South Jersey while disregarding or ignoring anything that goes bad.

If you think South Jersey has not progressed for the better and continues to decline, then next year you have a real choice - Matthew Harris - a Democratic candidate from Runnemede. I have a plan on enhancing South Jersey's economy and expanding job opportunities for families and students. I have ideas on how to create world-class educational initiatives to better prepare our children for the challenges of today and tomorrow. I have proposals for ensuring the solvency of Social Security not just for the near-term, but also for generations of future workers. I believe and advocate on working with other Members of Congress across party lines, especially on issues pertinent to South Jersey. And, I do not think any elected officials should feel safe, comfortable, or established enough not to be evaluated by the people they represent.

If you want real change for South Jersey and our Nation, then check out the Matthew Harris for Congress campaign: www.matthewharrisforcongress.com. You can also follow my efforts to make South Jersey better on Facebook and Twitter.

We can no longer afford another two decades of bad representation. Now is the time to make a change and make South Jersey better!



Matthew Harris is challenging Congressman Rob Andrews in the June 2014 Democratic Primary


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