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New Business Division of JML Financial Group - Traci Kelly Money- Focused on Women and their Financial Success

Traci Kelly - Vice President at JML Financial Group
Traci Kelly - Vice President at JML Financial Group

JML Financial Group, based in Cherry Hill, NJ and Philadelphia, PA, is launching a new division of their business in January 2014. Traci Kelly Money will focus on working with women and their financial success. Traci Kelly, Vice President at JML Financial Group, is creating this division with the goal to empower women to be financially savvy. The goal is to help women become financially independent, to truly realize the opportunities that exist and reach their full potential.

Kelly joined JML Financial Group in 2008 and has found that women and men digest financial information differently. “I quickly saw what I already knew. Men and women speak their own language. When I meet with a woman, I translate investment practices into a language women can relate to and the result is amazing. We need to retrain the way we think about money, get rid of the fear of managing money and take control of our financial future.”

Joe Yocavitch, President of JML Financial Group, knows that Kelly has exactly what it takes to run this division. “When I brought Traci in as vice president I knew she would be an asset to us and grow JML Financial Group.  Women are increasingly becoming key financial decision makers, executives and entrepreneurs.  It’s our commitment to truly serve this powerful population.”

Kelly’s own experience with her personal finances gives her the passion and expertise needed for Traci Kelly Money.  She’s been on the financial roller coaster. What she learned from the low points:  facing realities, learning about oneself and understanding what is really important, as well as how to correct and prevent common disasters was just as important as her formal training. For Kelly, she learned that she missed the ability to be monetarily generous when she was at a financial low.  She also missed the peace of mind that comes with financial stability. Helping others obtain their own peace of mind became her key motivator.

Kelly is offering a free one-hour consultation to learn more about the potential of a client. She is available for speaking engagements and offers these programs at no cost:

·         Obstacles and Challenges for Women and Money

·         Making Money Like a Man, Keeping the Grace of a Woman

·         Most Common Mistakes Women Make with Money

·         Limiting Beliefs and Practical Ways to Get Around Them

·         Finding Opportunities

·         Believing in Yourself and Your Financial Success


Kelly earned her undergraduate degree at Rutgers University and a graduate degree in communication, marketing and advertising from Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City. She is a graduate of Life Underwriting Training Council and spent over five years with Liberty Mutual as a property, casualty and life insurance consultant. She is now a financial advisor at JML Financial Group, as well as the creator of Traci Kelly Money and a Medicare expert. In these volatile economic times, Kelly leads her customers to make the most secure and profitable decisions taking a macroeconomic approach. She assists her clients with estate preservation, cash flow, asset protection, investments, business-planning and long and short term financial goals.

Learn more about Traci Kelly Money at www.tracikellymoney.com.


About JML Financial Group, LLC:

JML Financial Group is a financial services company based in South Jersey that creates customized plans for each client, coordinating all aspects from investments and retirement planning, focusing on strategy -- not product.  Joe Yocavitch and Traci Kelly are the team leading JML Financial Group. Together they host Main Street Money, a financial talk radio show dedicated to providing real economic information and advice to real people, straight talk about money. The show airs on Saturdays at 11am on 92.1FM WVLT or listen online at www.wvlt.com.  For more information visit www.jmlfinancialgroup.com or call 856-751-1771.



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