Journey Café New Kid-Friendly Music-Inspired café in Audubon

Jeannie Boyle engages preschoolers at Music Together Party
Jeannie Boyle engages preschoolers at Music Together Party

Journey Café, the new kid-friendly, music-inspired café at 57 East Kings Highway in Audubon, NJ, has opened at the beginning of the year to the delight of parents, kids, musicians and neighbors and especially the adjacent music school, Conservatory of Musical Arts (CMA). Developed by the husband/wife team of Jeannie and Jerry Boyle, Journey Café combines their passion for music and love for children. It is a warm, inviting environment that encourages children to explore their musical talent by participating in events, performing, or just listening and absorbing. It’s a café offering La Colombe Coffee, beverages, pastries and light bites that is also is a wonderful space for birthday parties, children’s workshops, classes and a venue for students to jam, perform or attend socials at night.

The perfect couple to open Journey Café, Jeannie is a singer, model, and a “Mommy and Me Music Together” teacher with CMA for fourteen years. Now, the very popular “Miss Jeannie”, as she is known in Haddonfield and throughout Southern New Jersey, is providing the perfect party environment to bring the joy of music to children and their friends. 

Jerry is a singer, bandleader, and emcee in Atlantic City and Philadelphia casinos, who has had music running through his veins since he was a young child. He's looking forward to performing there with his family and friends. Together they have owned and operated Journey Productions Musical Fashion Show for over twenty years.

It’s a real family business as both of their children will have a role at Journey Café. Their son, Evan, 16, who is a singer and deejay, will host DJ Tween Socials. Their daughter Allison, a singer/actress who has been involved in musical theater most of her life, will present musical theater workshops and coordinate birthday parties. 

Jeannie’s family has all been pitching in to get Journey ready to open. From designing to carpentry and painting, they’ve all helped out. There’s even a mural on the wall capturing Jeannie’s philosophy about music with the expression, “Music happens when heaven meets earth.” Jeannie said, “I know the difference music can make in people’s lives and we have designed our café to be a place for everyone who loves music to gather, no matter what their age. We've already hosted CMA showcases and just loved watching the students bring such creative energy to our place. It was so heartwarming to see the joy on parents’ faces watching their children perform.”

She continued explaining how she hopes Journey Café will be a musical gathering place and said, “I always felt a little sad when my Music Together students graduated, and I would rarely see the students. Now, I can continue that relationship as students will be encouraged to continue their musical Journey with CMA and Journey Café.”

Jerry Boyle added, “I like to say Journey Café is a place for socializing and harmonizing. I’m thrilled to provide a place for young people to perform. I used to hang out with my friends and sing on the street corners in Philly. I would have loved having a place like Journey Café to sing with my friends. Think about it, if someone is a musician, singer/songwriter and they are over 21, there are dozens of places to perform.  But when you’re a tween or teen, there are far fewer places to perform in front of an audience. Jeannie and I know that personally. Our son Evan, who is really developing as a singer/pianist and songwriter since starting lessons upstairs (CMA), has no place to congregate with friends in a social setting to jam or make new friends for musical collaborations. I’m hoping Journey Café will provide a new outlet for musical kids, whether they are performers themselves or observers.”

At Journey Café there will always be a microphone ready for a performance! There will be Students Open Mic nights, contests, socials, and lots of fun things to do for the younger generation. There will also be performances by professionals. It’ll be a space for jam sessions with some of the best musicians in the area. Ideally located adjacent to the highly respected Conservatory of Musical Arts, students and teachers as well as parents will know Journey Café is a place to relax, enjoy the music and the light fare.

Reinforcing this great opportunity for musical kids is saxophonist Tony Salicandro, who is the owner of the Conservatory of Musical Arts. “When I was a kid, I always wanted to have a chance to play music, but there weren’t many places available to me. Knowing how many of our students at the school are anxious to perform, we are thrilled that Journey Café is here and will provide such a worthwhile opportunity for our students. And, Jerry and Jeannie are so passionate about it, I couldn’t be happier than to have them opening their café right here at the school. Plus, I plan to hang out, too, bringing my very talented friends to jam.” Salicandro talked about the pre-opening holiday showcases they had. “The kids couldn’t wait to be at the microphone,” he said. “It wasn’t like a formal recital, it was more relaxed and they loved it. So did we!”

A great resource for parents and children who attend the nearby schools or classes at (CMA), parents can drop off the kids and relax with wifi, a cup of La Colombe and light comfort foods in the Café.  

Kids can do their homework, with a sip, study, and save with student discounts after school. Regular hours will be Monday through Friday from noon till 7 pm (with classes taking place in the mornings). Saturdays will be open unless closed for private parties during the day with music events or promotions scheduled at night. Sundays will be available for public or private events only.

To be up to date with what's going on at Journey café , 'Like' Journey Cafe on Facebook or follow them on Twitter at Journeycafenj or check out their website at journeycafe.net to see the calendar of events. For more information, call 856-546-0004.


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